1What is CDT?
CDT means catheter-directed thrombolysis which is a minor procedure and not a major operation, where through a small puncture a catheter ( tube) is inserted into the thrombosed vein (DVT) to deliver clot-dissolving drugs.

The procedure usually lasts for 24 to 48 hours.
2What is PMT?
PharmacoMechanical thrombolysis is like CDT a procedure where in a special machine ( Angiojet, Penumbra, EKOS) is used to break and to suck blood clots along with clot-dissolving drugs.

The procedure usually lasts for 2 hours
3Why it is performed?
It is the modern method of treatment for Deep vein thrombosis.
4How it is better than conventional treatment?
Modern treatment like CDT/PMT is more effective (>90%) in clot dissolution and thus offers quick symptomatic relief. It also avoids late complications of conventional treatment like Post Thrombotic Syndrome(PTS) to a great extent.
5What is the duration of hospitalization?
Usually 3 to 5 days
6What are the complications of the procedure?
Re thrombosis, Pulmonary Embolism (clots in lungs) and Bleeding can occur in few patients
7What is the after care & Follow up?
The Patient can resume normal routine work in the following week. The Patient should wear compression stockings and continue medications.