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AV Fistula Creation - Connection between artery and vein by Dr. Vijay Thakore | Best Vascular Doctor in Vadodara


1What is an arteriovenous fistula?
AV fistula means the connection between artery and vein which is created surgically.
2What are the common sites?
A wrist or Elbow
3WHY is AV fistula made?
Av fistula is made for kidney failure patients to facilitate hemodialysis

AS a result of AV fistula, the vein becomes bigger and thicker which facilitates needle insertions during hemodialysis. Av fistula takes 6 to 8 weeks to mature.
4What are the other options of Av fistula?
If Av fistula can not be made, either Basilic vein transposition or Av graft can be performed.
5What is Basilic vein transposition?
This is an operation wherein a basilic vein ( vein situated in the arm) is transposed to a superficial location and joined to an artery at the elbow.
6What is an arteriovenous graft?
When the vein is unsuitable for Av fistula then a synthetic tube is used for connection between artery and vein, which is called an AV graft
7What are the complications of AVF / AVG?
Non-maturation, Infection, Blockage, Bleeding, etc
8How to proetect Av fistula?
  1. Regular hand exercise
  2. Avoid measuring blood pressure on the same extremity
  3. Avoid taking injections on the same limb
  4. Avoid too much pressure after needle removal
  5. By Changing the needle insertion sites frequently
  6. Avoid vomiting, diarrhea, hypotension
  7. If swelling appears on the Upper limb, blood clots come during dialysis, dialysis time increases, venous pressure increases report to the doctor immediately