1What is vascular malformation?
A Vascular malformation is a tumor of blood vessels.
2Why it develops?
It occurs due to the genetic tendency of a person.
3Is it a cancerous tumour?
NO. Vascular malformations are usually not cancerous.
4What are the types of Vascular malformation?
  1. Arteriovenous malformation
  2. Venous malformation
  3. Lymphovenous malformation
5What are the symptoms of Vascular Malformation?
Pain, Swelling, Bleeding, Skin discoloration, Limb growth discrepancy
6How to diagnose Vascular malformation?
Thorough clinical examination, Ultrasonography, MRI usually helps in establishing the diagnosis
7What are the treatment principles?
Angioembolization is a non-operative technique where in like an angiographic method, through a catheter the vascular malformation tissue is destroyed.

Surgical excision is an operation where in the tumor tissue is removed completely.
8What if Vascular malformation is not treated?
The Venous malformation is harmless. Except swelling it does not cause deleterious effects.

Arterio Malformation can grow further with time. It should be treated as soon as possible. If untreated it can cause painful swelling, bleeding from tumor, limb lengthening, and heart failure, too
9How long is the hospitalization?
For angioembolization, usually 1 or 2 days.
For operation, usually 3 to 5 days