1What is diabetic foot lesion?
Any foot condition like infection, ulcer, sensation loss, etc occurring in diabetic patient is called as diabetic foot lesion.
diabetic foot ulcer diabetic foot ulcer diabetic foot ulcer
2Who are at risk of Diabetic foot?
Any diabetic person specially with uncontrolled Diabetes and a habit of smoking are at risk
3What are the symptoms of diabetic foot lesion?
Burning sensation, loss of sensation, numbness, pricking sensation, pain, non-healing ulcer, gangrene, etc
4How to diagnose Diabetic foot lesion?
Through clinical examination, Nerve conduction study, Color Doppler study of the leg, etc helps in the diagnosis of diabetic foot
5How to treat diabetic foot?
  1. For Infection, complete wound care including debridement operations, appropriate antibiotics
  2. For Neuropathy, medications like Gabapentin, Pregabalin, Duloxetine, etc
  3. For ischemia, depending upon the severity of the problem either medications or angioplasty or bypass operation should be offered
  4. Foot care, Proper Footwear, and Foot off loading are very important part of the treatment
6What are the consequence of ill treated diabetic foot?
The symptoms might worsen and the person might lose leg, if not treated correctly in time

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