1What is leg bypass operation?
An operation wherein blood supply to the leg is restored in case of an arterial blockage is called as peripheral/leg bypass
2Why is leg bypass performed?
For relief of intractable leg pain, for leg ulcer healing, for prevention of gangrene and amputation. It is a leg saving operation
3What is used in bypass operation?
Depending upon the site of blockage either vein from the body or synthetic tube ( graft ) is used
4What are the preparations for leg bypass operation?
Certain investigations like Color Doppler sonography, Angiography are done.
Preoperative medical evaluation Blood tests, X-Ray, Echocardiography, etc are performed
5What is duration of hospitalization?
The Patient needs hospitalization for 5 to 7 days and rest at home for another week
6What are complications of bypass operation?
Blockage of bypass tube, Infection, Delayed wound healing, Amputation and rarely, death are the complications of bypass operation
7What is the after care?
  • TO continue all medications as advised
  • Not to soak the dressing and to do regular wound care
  • Suture removal after 2 weeks
  • Stop Smoking, Start walking
  • Good control of diet and risk factors
  • Regular follow up as advised
  • The Person can resume routine activities after a week or so.
In case of severe swelling, extreme pain, sudden bleeding, high-grade fever, etc one should report to the hospital immediately

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